Every woman wants to look trendy and update with the latest fashion trends. Don’t get stuck in yesterday’s trend while the world has moved on to today’s trend. Below are a few fashion pieces that have gone out of trend that you will need to trade for what’s in vogue at the moment.

1. Choker for statement Earrings

It’s time to retire your black string back to the jewelry box. Whether you used to wrap it once or multiple times into a bow, this choker style is one you won’t be sad to see go.

It’s time to turn your attention to your ears — adorn them with major baubles and watch the complements roll in.

2. Lace-Up Tops for high-neck tops

The biggest struggle of a lace-up top? Finding the right bra to match so it doesn’t peek out between the strings. It’s time to switch gears a bit.

The high-neck top is a bit more dramatic and offers a hint more coverage, too. Focus on its subtler details, like frills around the collar and shirt options in lace or chiffon, to give your outfit an upgrade.

3. Distressed Holes Tees for vintage tees

While we appreciate the destroyed look on denim, on a t-shirt is a different story. It’s time to invest in a more functional and eye-catching tee.

Dress it with jeans or wear it to sleep, but a vintage band tee never goes out of style.

4. Flares for crop flares

This ’70s style was one we welcomed back with open arms and even gave a spin in the office. If you’re sad to see flares go, not to worry! They’re just getting an upgrade.

Unlike their longer sister version, crop flares hit above the ankles and can be worn with heels, mules, loafers, sneakers . . . the list continues. The shorter style looks fresher, and for the petite girls out there, you can totally rock flares now.

5. Off-the-Shoulder Tops for cold shoulders

There was no escaping off-the-shoulder tops and dresses but they didn’t make the cut. Designers and brands have managed, however, to rework the cutout-shoulder trend into other options that are just as wearable.

While the off-the-shoulder look is sexier, the cold-shoulder look is sweeter. You still get to show off the parts you want without experiencing anxiety of your top slipping down thanks to that extra piece of fabric.

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