Hi fashion queen, how much do you love your lace dress?

Knowing how cute the dress is, we have gathered information from ladies who love to rock them, and most attested to how comfortable and versatile the fashion piece is.

Apart from the fact that lace dresses always make statement when worn, this classy piece can be used to serve many outing purposes, all depends on how you rock yours.

Here are how you can fit in your lace dress into different outing purposes

1. Keep it simple as casual wears:
Once you decide you want your lace dress as a casual or day to day wear its best you choose  a  low  quality  fabric.
Heavier lace fabrics are also better for creating that casual appearance but don’t crowd them with intricacies of lace with bold accessories, choose very simple ones. Match your dress with heels for elegance and symmetry, or be more shouty with block-heeled ankle boots beneath a flimsy midi or maxi. But a shorter length lace dress in are always best as casual wears.

2. Team your lace dress with colourful accessories for occasions
Better quality lace is more suited for special occasions.Longer length dresses and gowns can be quite elegant.
Black lace is great for creating drama, but don’t be afraid to try white or cream lace either.If you are worried about white lace being a bit too bridal, team it with colourful accessories or add some colourful trims.

3. Wear lace dress with blazer for business
Matching lace dress with blazer  will simply make you look corporate. Just match it up with a low or high heel shoes. Then you’re  good to go.

4. Sheer lace for evening outing or formal gathering
Sheer lace is very good for  attending gathering with friends or visiting the cinema or mall with your family. Whike some individuals might opt to wear them without a slip underneath, but if you’re  modest then a slip is a smart option.

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5. Lace dresses for night outings 
A lacy bodice will see your little black number ready for when the cocktails come your way. Earlier, be day-time demure in white with taupe gladiator sandals, or make a statement by adding black footwear instead.

6. Experiment with colours
Try appealing colours like red lace or hot pink and it would just be stunning.
Wear a lace dress for sex appeal but work allure with class, and you’ll have a classic that’s never off-trend.  Choosing different charming colours will keep you elegant and beautiful

7. Metallic lace dress
Though Vintage-type lace  dresses are awesome. If you want something a little more contemporary you can’t go past metallic lace.
The metallic lace dress is perfect for a party occasion.For a fun evening look, team a metallic lace dress in a flirty shift style with some patent accessories and metallic jewelry.

8. Lace dress with contrasting textures 
If the lace look is too full-on for your personal taste, mix it up with contrasting textures.
If you are unsure of how to wear lace dresses, add a leather jacket for a tougher look or play down the lace with jerseys and knits.
For an eclectic gothic-inspired look, try teaming your lace dresses with faux fur and velvet.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with lace.

Our above explained  tips on how to wear lace dresses to different outings and have you feeling more confident about the fabric.

Whether you have made it  a staple part of your wardrobe or bought it for special occasions only, lace dress is an elegant and on-trend choice of fabric. So it’s great you grab one for yourself when next you go shopping.