Hello Fashionista! We believe you’re now on top of your game as one, after reading and practicing our tips on how to become a true fashionista. So Congratulations!
Now let’s talk about how to own your style! As much you’re being stylish and slay in different unique designs, we will still like you to understand that, what fashion truly means is defined by you only. Owning your style, and slaying in, is a high degree of being fashionable, because you can also dictate what some fashionistas rock as well. This will surely happen if you rock your style with confidence, that’s adding so much sauce.

We have come up with some tips to help you create and own your style, read below:

1. Do your research

It’s not just enough to define your style using only your imagination, but it fine to check for varieties online, to make the search easier you can check on what your favourite celebrities are wearing, also check for styles via Pinterest, Google, or Instagram.

You can also gather inspiration from what you see around, and based on all you’ve seen, pick your best looks and add some spice to them to define your own. You can also jot down what your final decision is so as not to lose track or forget after a while.

2.Clear your wardrobe

Take a good, long look at your closet and the wears you already own. Toss what you haven’t worn in the last year or give it to people you feel will need it, so you can start fresh. Then you can start to rebuild and refine your wardrobe with a style that truly reflects your earlier decision working with where you are in life and your career presently.

3. Shop with purpose

Now that you have your own personal style, when you go to the mall to pick up wears or to buy materials for sewing, ensure that they fit your earlier style decision, don’t be a shopaholic or a trend chaser, buy only the things you are sure fits into your own style. Don’t see it as necessary to go for shopping every week, do that only when there’s a need.

4.Let your outfit reflect your lifestyle and career

The perfect wardrobe should not only represent your vision and creativity, but also be tailored to your lifestyle. Take into consideration the image you wish to portray to the world. Make sure as much as your style reflects your personality, it also makes sense in your field of work. Lets your style cut across your lifestyle and career, avoid lopsidedness.

5. It’s not about the dress but how your wear It….Embrace Confidence

Have you ever since two different individuals on the same outfit and observes that one looked more classy and attractive than the other? That’s because one rocked the outfit stylishly with confidence while the other careless.

It has not always being the cloth but how it being rock worn. If you truly want to slay in any outfit, be prepared to rock it confidently

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