Do you own a pair of thigh high boots or you are presently thinking of getting one? Have you thought of the versatile ways you can rock them?
Regardless of your answers to the questions above,we have put together amazing style tips that will guide you any time you want to rock your boots.

They are:

1.Match them with jeans

As a fashion lover styling your thigh high boots with jeans will make you look smart and stunning. The jeans can either be a trousers or skirt . You can rock this to any fun event this weekend.
Most times shorts outfits will get you a sophisticated look when teamed with contrasting thigh high boots in coordinating colours.
A simple blue jeans shirt, jeans skirt and coordinating beige or sand coloured suede thigh high boots looks just perfect in cooler weather. There are stylish ways to rock jeans outfit with your booth.

2. Try with blazer dress/knit sweater

You can combine stylish blazer dresses with simple suede thigh highs to get a chic, modern appearance.
During a very cold weather you can wear a bright, knitted poncho, long cable knit sweater or stylish sweater dresses with your fashionable, long boots. The combination will give you effortless elegance.
3.Try  thigh high boots with pleated skirts and leggings
Wearing your high thigh boots with pleated skirts and leggings will give you a smart look. You can also add coats to the outfit to get an outstanding look. You can rock this wears to higher institution, and casual events among your peers.
4. Pair them with  short skirt and long coat

Overcoats and long trench coats do wonders for thigh high boots, letting you rock all sorts of short, tight, sexy bottoms if you want to, all the while letting the long cut of the coat slim and chic up the look. Just be sure that if you’re going tight on the bottom, keep things looser on the top. It makes you look just awesome!

Yemi Alade On Thigh High Boots

General dressing tips for your  thigh high boots

1.Keep your clothes loose and unflattering

No matter how you slice it, thigh-high boots add a serious dash of sex appeal, and it’s for this reason you can rock an otherwise less-than-figure-flattering dress, like a boxy shift or oversized shapeless sweater, which balances the inherent sexiness of the shoe style.

2. High thigh boots makes dressing simple

Dressing up or down is simple with thigh high boot.  You canntry matching them with an elegant, short dress . Then combining them with bag is one way to attract glances, while adding thigh highs to jeans, chunky sweaters and a long bohemian scarf in a cold weather. With this you  won’t need a coat.

2. Try dark on bottom, layered on top

If your thigh-high boots are skin tight, be sure to wear them with opaque tights, leggings, or dark skinnies, which leaves you plenty of room to add volume and texture on top. Add color, play with layers, or throw on a bright statement bag.

3. Wear outfits with matching colours
You can work with having a monochromatic look with your thigh high boots, you draw attention away from the severity of the style, and add a subtle touch of high-fashion drama without screaming it from the rooftops.
There’s this simplicity and calmnes that comes with this look especially if the monochrome colour is a cool one.

Thigh high fashion trends have been accepted widely by many fashion lovers, so in addition to our tips you can also pair your boots with a variety of outfits to create your personal style effects. Lots of celebrities have create their own unique styles using high thigh boots and it comes out great.

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