The fashion trends of last year was really interesting and we trust that this year won’t be any different. From the runway to the red carpet, inspired fashionistas in Nigeria, has been seen rocking each season’s hottest trends with gusto.

We have seen lots of trendy outfits worn by fashion forward ladies and we bring to you styles that will be making waves all across board this year.

Pastiche Fringes
This has been in the fashion scene for centuries but trended all through this year. It can be used on skirts, gowns and even blouses. These fringes bring out the class and beauty in any fabric for any style.

Cold/Off Shoulder
You didn’t think the cold shoulder was going anywhere, did you? The cold/off shoulder top or dress is on trend, and there is nothing sexier than showing one shoulder which is being rocked by almost every modern-day woman.

Is hardly a new trend, but this year, designers are giving the rich fabric a nice little update, mostly via colour on the New York runways and also the collections of some Nigerian designers.

Matching Two Ankara
This refers to the combination of different Ankara fabrics to make a dress. We saw all lot of this last year and it’s not going anywhere this year. It might seem odd but when it is done, it comes out beautiful. It could be for gowns, jumpsuit, skirts, etc.

These are outfits that are appropriate for any event or occasion. They can be worn on dates, to see a movie, to parties or even picnics.

Bringing the world of style and sports together, Athleisure style is one of the biggest trends influencing the fashion industry this year. Athleisure is the new casual that has given rise to lounge dressing, as items like leggings, hoodies, sneakers and track suits become more acceptable to wear out socially.

Voluminous and dramatic sleeves
Bell sleeves, fluted sleeves, trumpet sleeves — whatever you refer to them as, voluminous sleeves is making huge fashion statement this year. A trend with an old English spin, they are fun, dramatic and perfect for making a fashion statement. Though there are slight variations in structure and style, they are infinitely romantic.

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