Dungarees have been in the fashion world for a long time and it has since maintained its uniqueness. Presently in 2017 most ladies have seen it as a wardrobe staple which they must all have.

I have no doubt you own one too. So let’s take you through the history of dungarees.

Dungaree was mentioned for the first time in the 17th century, when it was referred to a cheap, coarse, thick cotton cloth, often colored blue but sometimes white, worn by impoverished people in what was then a region of Bombay, India a dockside village called Dongri. Hindi name of this cloth was “dungri”.
Dungri was exported to England and used for manufacturing of cheap, robust working clothes. English began to call “dungri” cloth a little different, and it became “dungaree”.

Everyone who needed clothes for hard work that would not tear after a short time, from workers to slaves, began to wear dungarees. It was used for making of utility uniforms in the United States Navy during the World War One.
Dungaree was also used for working clothes of women during that same time. It was used as a material for sails from which sailors later made their cloth for the same reasons as above. Because of all of that, name “dungaree” was starting to be used for fabric as well as for an item of clothing (as plural “dungarees”). They were used the same way as jeans clothing.

Dungaree is often compared to denim, but there is a difference. While denim is woven from uncolored yarn and only colored after weaving, dungaree is made from pre-colored yarn. They became fashionable in the other half of the 40s and by the start of the 50s, they gained wider acceptance as casual wear because they are comfortable, easy to wear and practical.

Simi in dungaree jeans [Instagram]

Today dungarees are made in a wide range of sizes, colors, fits, and forms. They can be tight or loose-fitting, stone-washed and deep indigo, frayed and formal.

Now if you don’t before, you now know the origin of dungarees and what it is exactly. Now lets talk about how you can style it.

1.Match dungaree jeans with shirt

Dungarees looks great and  totally polished  when layered with a classic button-down underneath. Adding a Cool wayfarer shades and slip-on sneakers ypu will look simply sexy and stunning.

2. Make a chic look with your dungarees
To give your overalls a slightly sleeker feel, cuff them at the ankles. It helps make the baggier fit more flattering, and makes your legs look longer! Layer a crop top underneath for an extra dose of flirtiness.

3. Wear dungarees with tank tops

It comes out very stylish when dungarees are paired with tank tops . If you match it with a boot or sneakers it makes you look completely drop dead gorgeous.

4. Get a girly look with dungarees and floral tops
To get am awesome girl look, maych your floral tops with your dungarees. Yo7 can spice the outfit up with a pair of sneakers and hat. To make the floral pattern feel more modern, pair it with a graphic tee and cool kicks.

4.Get a casual look with your dungarees

To give classic dungarees a stylish twist, pair them with a bandeau or tank top, moto vest, and oversized scarf. You will look very cool but more importanly very comfortable.

5. Create an urban sleek look with your dungarees

For a completely unexpected look, pick a pair in a super-light rinse. The key to rocking this whitewashed effect is pairing it with structured pieces with a hint of edge, like Rita Ora’s black leather jacket, to give the whole ensemble a put-together but cool feel.

Now go ahead and slay in your dungarees with our styling tips.

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