With no doubt, The midi skirt is among the top trends of 2017 and it still is. At first look, the midi-skirt might seem like a challenging length for many especially, short women.

However, everyone has grown fond of the midi skirt and they seem to have replaced maxi dresses, micro dresses, and below-the-knee skirts because of a very simple reason: they hit your leg at the skinniest part of your ankle, thus, giving you an extra visual boost in height.

To wear them, you’ve got to free yourself from the matronly mindset. With the right design details, worn with the right shoes and the right top tucked in the right way, it can immediately become a Fashion-Week-worthy ensemble.

This tip is one that most people probably know, and it basically says that if you’re wearing volume on the bottom, you can’t ALSO have volume on the top, and vice-versa. If you, too, are a magical fashion unicorn, you might just be able to pull it off, but if you’re just a regular person like me, you’ll probably find that circle-cut midi skirts will look better worn with a top that’s both fitted and cropped(or tucked, in this case). You need to define the waist to make the volume work or worn with a midi skirt that’s more fitted.

A lot of people think they shouldn’t wear flats with a midi skirt, citing the “but they’ll make my legs look shorter!” rule as evidence of this. Now, there’s no getting away from the fact that flats will make your legs look shorter, and so will midi skirts, so if making your legs look longer is your goal, then yeah, stick to heels.

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