Every body type has its very own styling rules, and because I can relate to all the short ladies of the world, I’ve decided to share with you some styling tips every short woman should know. With these rules, you should not go wrong, in fact, I can guarantee that you’ll always look picture perfect. From how to cuff your jeans, to how long your dresses hem line should be, check out the styling tips every short woman should know.

1. What you need to know about necklines.

Always opt for V-necks or wide necklines with your tops and dresses, as they will give the illusion of a longer neck. Avoid turtle necks and tight necklines, they are not flattering on short women.

2. Monochrome your outfits.

This means opting for an outfit of the same color from top to bottom, for example, black on black or white on white. This simple outfit will look very flattering on short women, as you don’t have much to work with. But be careful not to overcrowd with prints.

3. Tailor your clothes for a good fit.

Not everything you find in a store will look perfect on your body. Always go to a trust-worthy tailor to make your clothes snug and the perfect fit for YOU and your small slender figure.

4. High-waisted bottoms are an awesome styling trick.

Believe it or not, high-waist pants or shorts are extremely flattering for short girls. An elevated waist can trick the eye into thinking you have an elongated body. Always tuck in your top with high-waisted bottoms or go for a crop top.

5. Vertical stripes are the way to go.

Don’t go for horizontal striped pieces, they will only make you look wider than shorter.

6. Cropped jeans are possible BUT…

Make sure they are not too short and that they hit at the ankle area or directly above it. Pair your cuffed jeans with heels or sandals and you are good to go. Just make sure your top is not too long, it should be proportionate to your jeans.

7. Blazers and jackets should be the perfect fit.

Never go for over-sized blazers or jackets. Your outerwear should fit perfectly at your shoulders, and the sleeves end directly at your wrist.

8. Either go for short or long.

Small women should either go for long skirts and dresses or short ones. The knee or calf lengths are big NO NO’s, as they cut off your leg. Of course, be careful not to go for extremely short, always keep it chic and elegant.

9. Heels are your best friend. 

With the right comfy heels, small women can wear whatever length they want. This is a rule for all the short ladies, as with good heels you can pull off almost any type of look.

I hope this helps all the short beautiful women out there? Or do you have more styling tips that have worked for you over the years? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.

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