Everybody loves Riri! Rihanna is recognized as one of the fashion powerhouse and beauty moguls in the world today. And for good reason too as she has earned her status as a cultural influencer. What sometimes gets lost in the conversation surrounding her, however, is the singer’s historic impact on the world of pop music.

In addition to all of the above, she’s not just a chart-topper — Rihanna is a music icon. Since being discovered by Jay-Z in Barbados in 2005, Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty has racked up nine Grammy Awards, over a dozen American Music Awards, and an MTV Music Video Vanguard Award, to name just a few of her accolades. She’s had seven certified platinum albums and released 71 singles, 14 of those hitting number one on the Billboard charts, making her the youngest and fastest solo artist to ever hit that number.

But perhaps most impressive of all? Rihanna has achieved all of the above before turning 30, a milestone she hits on February 20. And that in itself is something to be celebrated.

There is something to be said, though, about Rihanna’s impact on fashion and beauty and the way that therefore intersects with her music. Last year, Vevo released a study that revealed that the looks showcased by stars like Rihanna in music videos — among others, like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift — heavily influences fashion and beauty trends. And for all of her impact on the music industry, Rih is a change making influencer across all industries — a quintuple threat as a music artist, clothing designer, beauty maven, actress, and philanthropist. She’s been outspoken about education since being named an ambassador to the Global Partnership for Education last year, helping them raise 2.3 billion dollars earlier this month at the Global Citizen conference in Senegal, a move that will no doubt inspire other artists to become more internationally involved. And in between it all, this June, Rihanna will star in the all-female cast of Ocean’s 8, which she somehow managed to film in her spare time.

Rihanna should be an equally motivating tour de force for all of us, a woman who has never been afraid of taking on new adventures, musical experiments, and business ventures — and that was just as a 20-something.

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