If you’re truly a  man that  loves fashion and prefers slaying in most of your outfits each time you step out, then you should know some basic things about how to dress classy.
As a man, if you don’t know any  or know just  few  of these rules which we will be taking you  through, then contrary to what you think, you aren’t a fashionsta yet.
Now read through  the basics below and confirm yourself.

1. You should know how your shirts that best fit your body
When picking your  shirts in the clothing stores, you have to look out for the ones that best fit your body. To get this right,  there are  two measurements you need to know when  picking out your shirt; your neck size and your sleeve length.
When you know the proper size of your neck and sleeves  then you can figure out easily shirts that fits you perfectly.

If you  don’t know these sizes before now, read below to learn.

Your neck :
Measure around your neck so that you graze your Adam’s apple. You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers under the measuring tape and your neck (both fingers pressing against your neck, not one beside the other adding more space outward). This gives you the room to breathe, while not being loose

Your sleeve:
Place your hand on your hip, with your arm bent at 90 degrees (very important.) Have someone (preferably a professional, but a significant other should do, assuming they like you to look good) measure the distance from the center back of your neck (you can feel that bump from your spine about where your neck meets your torso) and go along the outer part of the arm, over the shoulder and elbow all the way to your wrist where your sleeve will end.

Your body:
Shirts come in a variety of  sizes. So you need to take measurement of your sleeve length right and you take two quick measurements. First, around the widest part of your chest. It probably lands somewhere around the nipple. Don’t make it too tight. For the second, measure around the widest part of the belly (so about your belly button.) This should be a comparable measurement to your chest and now you know your torso measurements. You can bring them up when shirt shopping, or reference the size guide when looking online. It will help determine if you need a “Slim” “Regular” or “Classic” fit, or whatever the stores’ variation may be.

A man on perfectly knotted tie [Source : Instagram – Kunle Remi]
2. You should know how to knot your tie  perfectly
Most men  don’t get to wear ties every day, except if its part of their work outfits. But it is a basic staple in the modern man’s wardrobe . So you need to learn how to knot your tie perfectly, so that you can slay on it anytime you need to put it on and not look like an amateur.

How to learn this
It’s just like tying a shoe once you understand it then you’re  good. But you will  need  a little repetition and practice afterwards. Get a friend or colleague to take you through it once and keep trying it on your own. Then, you’re ready for that interview, wedding, , or any other event that you need it for.

3. Know how to make your suit smart on you.
When your  suit looks baggy or lopsided at a part,it makes you look unprofessional and kills your  slaying goal. You need to know how to pick the best suit for you.

Here is how:
The shoulder of the jacket should hit the broadest part of your shoulders and lightly graze the arm as it falls. Your movement should be slightly restricted. It’s a nice suit, not fitness gear. The lapel should not bow up across your pecs.The top button of a two-button jacket, or the middle button of a three-button jacket should fit snug, but not pull. The bottom button always remains open. Having a button closed when standing without pulling is just about perfect. Your sleeve length, conservatively, should hit at the point where your wrist meets your hand, with your shirt cuff falling between 1/4 and 3/4 an inch below the jacket.

4. How to pick the best pants for you
There’s  nothing as  perfect as seeing a men in smart looking pants on any upper wears they rock it on. When you go wrong with your  pant,you appear funny and unkempt to people around and that’s sure not a fashionsta’s goal.

Here how to know your best pants

(a) The obvious place to start is the waist and seat. The waist (the actual waistband) should be snug but not tight, so that it can stay up on its own. The seat (the seam between your two back pockets) should fit slim to the body to avoid any sag.
(b) You want the leg to be slim, yet comfortable. These super slim suits may look good on a lanky guy standing up, but we’re betting you sit a lot more than you stand. So leave a fair bit of room without covering up your fit physique with too much excess fabric.
(c) The pant break: This is up to you, but the rule of thumb is that the slimmer the suit, the less the break. And the break is reserved solely for the front of the pant. If you are getting what is commonly referred to as a “back break,” meaning the pants are starting to rumple around the back of your shoes, take the hemline up a notch, you’re getting into slouch territory.

5. Know how to pick good pair of shoes
Having good pair of shoes on to complement your  outfits everyone you step out are more important than you think .

Shoes leave lasting impression of who you are in people who come across you’s mind. Its  a sign that you give attention to details. So you need to learn how to pick the best pairs for you. Bear in mind quality is KEY.

Now after reading the above, score yourself as to whether you’re  a fashionsta or not and drop your  comments below.

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