Originally sneakers were used for work out in gyms or other choose places. But that took a turn few years back, when both male and female fashion lovers started matching them with their pair of jeans and shirt.

Infact sneakers have been made so versatile now that it is now worn on causals like skirts and dresses as well.

But with this development , if you really want to appear fashionable while you  match trainers with your casual wear, there are some stylish tips you need to apply.

Whether you’re wearing the trainers with jeans or with skirts and dresses, we have put together four tips to help you stand out each  you rock it.


They go thus:

1. Go for a solid color or classic look

To look stylish on your sneakers sometimes all you need is a solid color or maybe just some classic stripes, or a pair of slides with a classic print like leopard.


At the same time this is a  simple way to wear a super comfy foot wear that is equally  stylish . This is actually an everyday kind of foot wear.

2.Cuff the tip of your jeans to show your ankle bone.

When wearing sneakers, make them a statement, that is have something to show off. The best way to do that is to make sure they are seen, so your jeans need to fall right above your ankle bone.

Cuff them, hem them, cut them. Do something to make them that perfect length.

Another option it’s to buy jeans that are designed as cuffed tips and are above  your ankle. Rocking it on your trainers will surely help you make a great statement.

3. Don’t show off you socks

This  could be hard  especially if you like preventing your legs with socks. But it best you don’t wear them when you’re on a sneakers. But if you really have to put them on ensure you wear them in a way that it doesn’t get obvious at all.

Hence you would ruin the stylish look of having a trainers on casuals

4.Be more style conscious when  pairing sneakers with a dress or skirt

You have to put on your high leve style skill, whenever you choose to wear your trainers with a skirt or dress. Ensure that you don’t  like a village head mistress .

Pair a nice fitted skirt with dark coloured or monochromatic coloured sneakers . Choosing to wear bright coloured  or printed sneakers on your or dress or skirt could make you look archaic. Though it all depends on how best you can style.

The above tips should be put into consideration whenever you choose to wear sneakers on your casuals.

Now lets share  general tips you need to put to use when wearing sneakers:

1. Avoid repeating one pair of sneakers too often

The quickest and easiest way to completely destroy a nice pair of sneakers is by wearing them every day.

Even if you feel very comfortable in them and want to wear them everywhere you go.Then its you get a couple of extra pairs, so all your shoes can last three times longer that expected or more.

Rotating your sneakers keep them fresh and new

2. Avoid wearing great sneakers with bad looking jeans
Dont ruin a great looking sneakers by matching it with old or wrong style of jeans. Whenever you get yourself a great pair of trainers and decide to rock them, do yourself a great favour by picking the best jeans trousers,or skirts to make with them.
When you watch out for this you will definition look stunning in your outfit.


Read the tips we shared and put them to use to look classy on your casuals!

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