Yes you are very creative and can come up with unique style tips that keeps you looking trendy and stylish always, but you still need to be inspired.
Getting fashion inspiration from different sources keeps you updated on what is in vogue, and make you more creative because seeing other people’s looks and comparing them, can help you figure out an outstanding style for yourself, so you need to be inspired! Don’t real on your mindset a lot.
Here are five top places you can draw inspiration from:

1. Instagram

This app is such a brilliant portal for fashion inspiration, instantly. Just online, and follow your favourite fashion bloggers, to check their latest styles on Instagram and they upload them. This is a great way to enhance your creativity.

There are so many fashion bloggers in the space right now, and therefore finding a few that really represent your own style and fashion loves, should not be too hard. You just needs to spend a few hours looking through their content and getting inspired by how they might be styling particular pieces. From that, you can take snippets of ideas and go on my own online retail hunt for maybe something similar to a piece you have seen and adored. Yes we understand you want to make it my own and wear a style with items you already own, but sometimes you just need a little touch of inspiration to set you on course. And fashion blogs are a brilliant place to start. Especially with the way that blogs and brands are now connected, often you will see a blogger wearing a piece that has not even landed in stores yet; so the info you are gaining could not be more up to date!

2. Magazines
Take a look at the magazine rack of your local bookstore, grocery store, or drugstore for a wealth of fashion magazine choices. You will find great styles in there.

3. Your Vicinity

Check out fashion in the city or town in which you live. There are likely plenty of fashion-forward residents in or around your home town.

4. Online Fashion Retailers

Whilst the ‘New In’ section of most online retail stores will pull up the latest styles to hit the scene, you can just go there to get inspired. Most retailers, have a category dedicated to fashion inspiration. This will be filled with their latest campaign imagery, maybe ways-to-wear advice pieces, maybe a run down of their top ten styles for the season. It is a really useful way to find out which styles are newest and most coveted in the industry, so you can save yourself hours of time searching through product pages for something really special.

Oh, and sign up to their weekly emails. They will often round up the newest in, in a really visual newsletter.
5. Attend or watch fashion shows
In most fashion shows that the styles for the coming season will have already been shown to us six months previously on the catwalks. Fashion shows are the quickest ways to gain an insight into what you could be wearing for the next, or current season. If you’re struggling with which colour to wear next, which best suit your weather or rather curious about the style of sandals will be in fashion, it is worth having a peek back to the previous fashion week imagery, at what the designers were envisioning.
With these five sources mebtion above, you can get the best look for yourself always couple with your own fashion style.

Now that we have made this easy, make sure put them to practice. CHEERS!

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