Backpacks have been around for a while , and were considered suitable items for school. Some were even designed as rucksacks used as travelling bags.

Fastforward to 2017, backpacks become a trendy fashion piece and must have for every female because of the various stylish and unique designs.
Back packs are trendy fashion items that can go with almost all outfits, excluding formal attires and traditional wears. But they are most ideal for casual wears .

Different patterns and designs of these bags have been made by many bag fashion designers. While some were designed like a clock faces, other were designed like rectangular and some come with animations; the most common is Mickey Mouse.
These designs are available in leather and thick cotton fabrics which can be monogrammed, embroidered or designed with sequins and studded with several precious stones.

How To Rock It
It can be worn on casual clothing like jeans on t-shirt, a dress shirt, shirt floral gowns and skirts with a cotton top.
It is best paired with foot accessories like sneakers and sandals.
It not only acts as a stamp of feminity, but also displays fashion in its true color.
Made in different colors with different hues, it can go well with just any clothing.

These fashionable backpacks can be used as school bags not just by secondary school females, but also by more mature females in higher institutions.
It can be paired with fashionable glasses, sunshades or not.

Here are reasons why you should own a backpack

1. It is very comfortable
Ever had to struggle with a heavy back pack that tend to weigh your shoulders down? Then you must understand how annoying it is to carry a heavy bag know your shoulders.
Carrying backpacks not only bells you to minimise your luggage. It can also trim down your items to the topmost essentials, easing you if stress. It evens the weight between your shoulder blades and rests comfortably in your shoulders, straightening your posture yet acting as a fashion item.

2. It is fashionable
Backpack are fashionable. They also help to complete your final outfit. Asides the fact that they are functional in the carriage of your essentials, they give you a sense if class and adds style to your clothing.
They are best paired on Jean.

3. It complements your feminity

Backpacks have a way of complementing your feminty. Every woman wants to appear younger or be seen as fragile and delicate.backoack not only increases your feminity but it also takes several gears off your, owing to the varieties know style

4. They are versatile
Back packs are very versatile fashion items. They can be used for almost any casual clothing.
They can be carried to any type of casual event including parties or hanging out. They can be carried to places like the mall, amusement parks and food stores.
They come in different color shades, each with different hues from different palates. Owing to this, they can blend well with almost all types  of clothings and fit anyone.
Backpacks are light weight and comfortable enough to ease off your back yet comfortable enough to boost your confidence and give you a sense of style.
With backpacks, the degree of mobility is increased and you can bend easily without fear of your personal items falling off. They can be carried by women of different age grades ranging from adolescent to fashionable young and matured ladies.
So as a fashion lover if you havent gotten yourself we have explained some reasons you should have it above, so put backpack in your next shopping list and slay on as a fashion queen that you truly are!

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