Hello beauties, our strong focus today is on how to help you look beautiful and calm throughout your day. Because we understand what you go through to keep your make up intact everyday.

Partaking in so many activities daily which most times ruin your makeup can be very annoying after putting in a lot of effort to look appealing for the day.

Our knowledge of all these made us research on how best to keep a long lasting makeup.

Below are our helpful tips, if you put them to use you will sure be happy you found MMF Trend.

1. Start By Washing Your Face Thoroughly
Before you apply any type of cosmetic product on your face, it is very critical that you wash your face with a mild soap and water. It will help you erase all forms of hidden dirt, bacteria, facial oil and other impurities from the surface of your skin. Doing this will aid your makeup to lie evenly on your skin.

2. Use facial toner and hydrating cream:
A facial toner is one of the best products that can make your makeup last. This refreshing lotion keeps your pores clean and prevents skin from losing its natural glow. It is ideal to use this product before applying all your makeup.

However, you can also spray it on your face various times throughout the day.
Hydrating cream is also fundamental in maintaining a long lasting makeup because it creates a protective barrier on the face and prevent changes caused by natural oils on the face.

3.Make use of a primer:
Many make use of primers before applying your makeup  because it helps reduce the intense shine that are likely to come from your face and they also keep your makeup looking fresh all day.
Also, the continuous use of this product will help you reduce the size of pores and prevents impurities and blackheads from developing on your face.

4. Use set powders that best fit your skin:
Set powder is your best choice when it comes to sealing makeup. To correctly apply it you must use a brush and lightly dab the powder so that it evenly spreads on the brush and on your face.
Once you’ve fully covered the desired areas, wait a couple of seconds and then get rid of the excess powder with a soft cloth or a brush.
Make sure that the powder you use suit your skin appropriately. If your skin tends to be oily buy powder and cosmetic products that are free from oily substances to ensure long lasting makeup. If you have a combination type of skin or a dry skin then choose cream based makeups
In addition, professional makeup artists advise using thin coats of makeup because this is the best way to keep it on for a long time.
As against some people’s belief that applying the costmetic products in layers aid longevity, less is more to achieve a long lasting makeup.

5.Choose water proof cosmetics only
Your mascara, eye shadow and other cosmetic products will be perfect for you if you choose the waterproof ones especially if you have an oily skin.
This is because such  type of product doesn’t need to be constantly retouched and they stay looking great for many hours.
Note, after applying waterproof  makeup products  on your skin continuously, you need to stay away from if for few days because the chemicals they contain tend to be a little more aggressive than those found in standard makeup.

6.Choose Long Lasting Lipstick
There are lots of long-lasting lipsticks for all type of needs in cosmetics stores.
These products have a strong color and can last all day without requiring continuous touch ups. So visit stores to pick the best ones for you.

7.Apply your eyeliner twice
If you’re not happy with your eyeliner fading away few hours after applying it then it best to apply an eyeliner pencil and then put a little bit of pressed powder over this.
After that, wait a couple of seconds and then apply some liquid eyeliner over the powder until you achieve the desired look.

8. Make use of blush: 
Touch up your makeup by applying a blush to get that  perfect look. Blush is easy to apply and it lasts a lot longer than powders. Ensure you distribute it evenly to acquire a natural look.

Make use of our tips always to achieve an appealing, calm and long lasting.

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