One of the most comfortable and widely worn clothing items is denim, because of it’s  versatile nature, so both male and female choose it over other fabrics.
Thogh have exist for over a decade but in recent times, ripped jeans became the fashion craze and now leading fashion chart.Possibly because they have received more recognitions from celebrities, they are back in fashion and have become popular more than ever. Now everyone wants to have holes on their Jean.

The regal re-entrance of ripped jeans back into the fashion trend has saved one the stress and heart break of throwing away that most loved Jean that has finally succumbed to old age. Now you don’t have to throw your denim trousers away, you can actually turn them ripped.
The ripped jeans design is in such a way that even if the clothing is so old, it revitalises it back to life. In fact, the fact that the jeans is washed and worn out is what makes it more appealing.

The problem about ripped jeans however is that you don’t have much control over the ripped part. It can be too wide, too narrow, too small or the Jean can be too ripped. The kind of hole, whether big or small, that you want actually depend on your taste. Unfortunately however, we go to the market and end up not seeing one that best suits your taste.

Instead of actually buying these from the market, here are some easy DIY steps that you can follow to turn your jeans to a ripped design yourself at home.

1. Choose the kind of jeans you want
The first step is choosing the kind if jeans you want. Do you want them to be skinny? Bogus or loose? Short? Long? You name it. It all depends in your taste. The final outcome of the Jean should depend on how you like it and how comfortable you are in it. You can choose to use some old worn out jeans or prefer to but low cost ones from thrift stores.
If the jeans are not washed or worn out enough for you, wash in hit water for a few times and add a little bleach to the final water.

2. Assemble all you would need to make the hole 
Because one have no control over the hole, extreme safety measures have to be taken to ensure that the holes dosen’t get too wide or too ripped. You need to gather all the things you would need. To create a hole in the Jean, you would need, a sand paper, steel wool and a pumeric Stone.
To make the hole, first you would need a pair of very sharp scissors, preferably of the small size. Just so you don’t ruin the back part of the Jean, get a piece of carton or cardboard paper and insert it into the leg, just underneath the point of focus.

3. Mark the spot you want to cut or rip
Ever heard the saying ‘x marks the spot? ‘ you would need it in this case. The next step is to mark the spot you want to cut or Rip. You can do this with a piece of white chalk, colored crayons or even safety pin. Carefully outline where you want to cut. If possible, use a ruler to accurately measure where you would be cutting. This is to ensure that the holes disentangle get too wide. It offers you a modicum of control over the size of the hole you are about to put on the jean.

4. You need to wear out the specified area you want to cut
The next and fourth step is to begin to wear out the area you want to cut, that has already been outlined with a chalk or safety pin. Begin to rub the sand paper or pumeric stone against the jean continuously. Do this non-stop until the jean starts to look worn or thin. The area must begin to look frayed, to ascertain that you are making progress. If your point if focus is in the knee area, then you need to put the trouser on and use the sandpaper gently over the trouser surface. While you are doing this, ensure that the piece if carton or cardboard paper is still underneath to prevent your knees from getting filed in the process. Do this continuously and watch as the hike gradually widens.

5.Cut out your preferred hole sizes

Once you are sure the trouser is  frayed , use scissors to trim the edges to remove the blue or hard part of the denim. Trim well until you begin to see the white threads that are usually underneath. If your aunt us to show skin, use the scissors to make a wide hole.
Get a pair of tweezers and use it to pluck the white threads out, such that they become very pronounced and frayed.
Survey what you have done and assess it to your taste. If it is not up to, you can fray some more and trim some more edges off with a scissors.
Making frayed or ripped jeans is quite easy and can be worn with basically all kinds of casual clothing ranging from t-shirts to trench coats. You can wear any accessory of your choice, so long as it blends with the general outfit

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