African head wrap is a beautiful fashion piece that has been in existence for a long time. It comes in varieties of styles and colours which makes it appear very nice on the wearer

The colourful African head wrap is a unique part of the African culture history, which is worn proudly by men and women in different parts of Africa.

These wraps represent the love of African heritage to the fullest.

Depending on which part of Africa you come from, you can always express your personality and complement your beauty using wraps based on your artistic manipulation skill.

Now head wraps styles are aligned with the part of Africa you live in. Thats is,different groups of people or tribes have different ways of dressing their wraps.
While African wrap are popularly known as Gele in Yoruba and Ichafu in Ibo, each African nation also has its own specific name and story that revolves around it.
Though the head wrap is seen as a great fashion accessory and has been embraced by people from different ethnic background. However women in Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Malawi and other West and South African countries consider it to be a cultural expression that symbolizes several things ranging from prosperity, spirituality, modesty, wealth, or social , marital status among others.

Interesting features of African head wrap

1. It covers your hair completely

African head wraps are worn in a way that they cover your hair completely. One cultural significance about the wrap is that African women typically secure the wrap using a knot at the base of the crown which leaves the neck and forehead exposed.
One of the reason for this is to make the facial features appear striking so that anyone that wishes to look upon an African American woman would look up at her face rather than down at her body.

2. It gives your face a unique identification
African head wraps come in many beautiful and bold colours which makes the face look firm and radiant once worn.

3. Its now a staple in women’s wardrobe
African head wrap has become a staple of traditional wears. In events now you find almost all women putring it on. They wear varieties of designs and colours that go with their wear. It has now become a fashion statement for the black woman.

African head wraps role in events

Traditional celebrations are where most people flourish with headwraps.
While the Ghananian women wear their duku, Nigerian women wear their gele. This has been practiced for a long time now. And have presently grown to become the ultimate fashion accessory at most events and a head-turning work of art.

African head wraps and fashion industry

International fashion designers are growingly incorporating headwraps into national and international runways.
Add to that tribal jewellery and print pieces.
Celebrities, local and international are also wearing them as fashion statements.

Lupita Nyong’o rocking African head wrap on red carpet

For instance; Lupita Nyong’o wore it at the Toronto premiere of the film ‘Queen of Katwe’. And she got fashion critics buzzing in a Carolina Herrera gown and a blue gele.

And it is not at all uncommon to see women wearing head wrals on the daily, well because it’s just a headwrap day any season of the year. It is also not a shame to admit that headwraps are no strangers to bad hair days. They have safely tucked away what we otherwise prefer not seen by the public. Actually, headwraps have long been used as protective garments over hair from dust and dirt while doing home chores.

Even some African men wear head-wraps as a fashion statement, and as a wealth and social status symbolism.

With the interesting features and great impact African head wraps are making presently we can’t help but to love and crush on it

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