We so much love this distinctive ear wear that has found it’s way back to fashion scene. The unique ear accessory which covers the lobe of the ears has a way of making your face appear very attractive.
The cuffs which comes in various intricate designs, spikes, and chains were popularly used in the 80s around the elitest. But it recently ame back into fashion scne , and now used by great number of people ranging from A-list celebrities,supermodels to female fashionista. Most started wearing ear cuffs instead of the more traditional earrings.
Ear cuffs are loved by many because of the outstanding touch they give to their facial looks each time they have them on.
We must say that ear cuffs are very great but wearing them isn’t as easy as wearing your regular earrings. They come in various designs, some designs look good in formal wear, and others don’t. Ear cuffs are statement pieces that demand attention. And so, you have to plan your whole outfit around it.
Though ear cuffs are versatile and can be worn any day, any time but you need to really understand them to know which design works best for most of your outfits and the one that’s best worn to big events, this will help you make great use of them.
So today we have decided to take you through the different types available and how to wear them comfortably.
They are:

1. Ear Wire
This type of ear cuff gives the illusion that it’s floating on the earlobe. It’s made with a wire that travels behind the ears, securing the cuff. Ear wires usually come in delicate designs. Because they are less flashy, they can be worn with dresses, tank tops, and jeans, etc. You can also pair ear wires with cartilage hoops for a simple yet edgy style.


2. Wrap-Around Cuff Earrings
This elaborate ear accessory wraps from behind the ear and on the front. Wrap-around cuffs are usually embellished with crystals or intricate designs. We recommend limiting other accessories when wearing a wrap-around cuff. They come in flashy designs, piling more accessories will overwhelm the eyes. Again, because of the elaborate designs, the wrap-around cuff is best worn with simpler dresses. We don’t recommend wearing this on formal events.

3. Ear Chain
This is the edgiest of all ear cuff designs. It features a chain hanging from the sides of the earlobe.

Ear chains can be dainty or chunky. It’s a festive design reminiscent of the accessory’s punk rock origins. This should be worn with outfits with a punk-rock style, especially if you want to pile on the accessories. This accessory works great for bohemian-inspired outfits too!
4.Band Cuff
The simplest of all ear cuff designs, the band cuff is a stackable cuff that comes in thick or thin bands. The band wraps the ears horizontally. Band ear cuffs can be work even if your ears aren’t pierced. You just clip the band on. Usually, the ear band has magnetic ends to secure it in place. This can be worn with cocktail dresses and even formal dresses.
5.Ear Jackets
Ear jackets look simple, delicate and dainty on the front but at the back, it’s a different story entirely. Because it’s dainty, the ear jacket will complement formal dresses well. Some designs hug only the bottom of the ear lobe so they are not as flashy. It gives the illusion that the cuff is floating from the bottom of the ear.

The above are the different designs of ear cuffs available in the fashion scene presently. Now that you have a full understanding of the them, it will be easy for to know the best to pick when you go for shopping.

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