'Agbada' is our focus
'Agbada' is our focus

Agbada’ is our focus

Tomorrow is Saturday and most people will be going for one or two events, mostly weddings, so we decided to talk about ‘Agbada’ , a style which has become phenomenal in the African fashion industry.

Agbada style has been around for a very long time. The attire has its’ roots in the Yoruba culture of southwestern Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, West Africa but has grown to be widely accepted by most Nigerian cultures and other West African communities.

About two decades back ‘Agbada’ was worn only by fathers and wealthy men to traditional or societal ceremonies and weddings.

Moving forward by a decade, men of all age embraced ‘Agbada’ as the new classic style for fashionable men. Public figures, movie stars, musicians,models and young men in general all slay in the style.

What has made this attire more phenomenal is the female fashionista who joined in rocking it.

The last three to five years have seen ladies embracing the style and guess what? They slay in it at all times.

Agbada is now being worn on runway, red carpet, and any other big events you can think of and both sex have a great way of slaying in the attire at all times.

Fashion designers are also getting very creative and experimenting with different fabrics and embroidery ranging from formal, dressy, casual and edgy designs. Fashion-forward designs are lighter, more form-fitting and less difficult to wear.

For instance a two piece dashiki and trousers is just as acceptable as a four piece ensemble tailored in dapper styles which you can rock to any occasion.

Whether you are a man or a lady reading this we want to make sure you show up at any event looking dapper as ever and probably stealing the hearts of some women  and men who also show up. So we have decided to share few tips for you to get yourself a good Agbada

Here are the tips:

1. Ensure you make use of a good quality material

Agbada’s can be sewn with Aso-oke, lace material or guinea brocade.These materials bring out the style with confidence. It is not  advisable that you use Ankara to sew your Agbada. Ankara is only good for short dashikis.

2. Get yourself a good tailor

Behind every great agbada is an awesome tailor. So ensure you give your sewing contract to a good fashion designer. Your tailor should use great embroidery
A great embroidery will make your Agbada stand out. A tacky one will kill your vibes.

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3. Ensure your Agbada fits perfectly

You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a sack that’s way too big for you. So remind your tailor about this. Your attire must be smart and presentable if you want to slay in it.

4.Your Agbada needs good laundry

Poorly laundered agbada are never good. We believe its best you give your clothes out to professional dry cleaners. So they can wash and starch your three pieces to perfection.

5. Get yourself an amazing ‘Fila

The “Fila” is basically the crown of the Agbada, so as a man you have to get one which will fully complement your outfit. If you’re a woman you might not need this. Just have a nice hairdo on.

6. Have the right footwear

Your shoes are equally as important, because they complement your outfit and help you slay from head to toe. Make sure your shoes are spotless and of great quality also.

7. Wear it with confidence

Finally it is very important that you wear your attire with great confidence. This will bring out the style and stand you out.