The beautiful thing is, women are blessed  with varieties of shoes, while some prefer high heels, others go for mid heels, low heels and flat soles .

Many times  women are seen  rocking high heels on their outfits because they  believe it makes them look very gorgeous, but those who prefer flat shoes also have lot of benefits that they gain from wearing it.

Whichever you prefer wearing a woman, we believe every woman should have at least a pair of  flat shoes. Below are our  reasons for this.

1. Comfortability

Flat shoes makes you feel very comfortable  when you wear them. As a fashionista this is one of the key thing in slaying.  If you’re not  comfortable with heels   then go for flat. Your shoe wardrobe should consist of trainers, flat boots, and shoes with little or no heel, and heels should be kept for special occasions.
Also  If you’re someone who loves walking long distances, flat shoes are much more suitable. Anyone whose job involves covering a lot of ground will prefer flats for the same reason.

2.Enhance your activeness

Though many don’t see flat shoes as making them look sexy when they put it on  but  they are practical! You can do anything while wearing them. Meanwhile there are gorgeous looking flat shoes that will make you feel very sexy when you’re  in them, just go to online fashion  stores to search for them, you will be surprised as to how many you will find.

3. Safety

When you’re on flat, it will be very hard  for you to fall if you bump into anything  while walking. For those who drive it is easier to drive in flats.

4. Health

Unless you have a serious foot or ankle problem, wearing high heels on occasions will not do you any harm. However, it’s wise to alternate between heels and flats. Heels throw your balance off center, make you walk in an unnatural manner, and can cause back problems. So give them a rest, and wear flats as well.

Flat Shoes

Now let’s see a few medical reasons to wear flat shoes:

Corns – Studies have shown that high heels cause corns that can cause pain and inflammation. So you must look for a flat shoe to avoid that.

Rash ankles – when you choose to wear heels higher than 5 cm, put pressure on the ankles, which can cause serious problems while installing.

Pressure on the joints and knees – researchers at Harvard University have found that women who wear heels about 7 cm shows 24% more knee problems than women who do not wear heels. They have shown that heels put much pressure or sprain on the tendons and knee joints which is somehow connected to the knee cap into the thigh bone oppressing the thigh muscles to work harder. This situation leads to the increasing of pressure in the knee that could result to the circumstances called osteoarthritis.

Back pain – high heels force you to walk with curved pelvis forward, a phenomenon that causes hyperlordosis in the lumbar spine.
If you want to wear flat shoes to work, you can try it with a decent and comfortable skirt paired with a cute shirt. Choose for the job could be pointed flats furnished with a good choice colored leathers. It could also be a good idea to choose flats having details of grommets and buckles, they c

From  general  to the health benefits of flat shoes explained above, we believe every woman should own at least a pair of flat shoes in her wardrobe.

After reading the above, let us know your thoughts on our points. We will like to know your perspective to it.

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