Recently  a hat have become an accessory that helps men appear stunning  in their outfits. If you’re  a fashion lover and you haven’t added hats to the  wears you have in your closet , then you sure need to get one.

Because more than you can ever imagine hats are great fashion piece. They have various unimaginable roles they play in you outfit as a man.

Lets take you through few of the functions hats play in your  outfit

1. Wearing a hat make you very stylish:

The act of  wearing hats among men started off in the 40s, and since then it has maintained its awesomeness. Men who wear hats then always look distinctively stylish.

Moving forward, fashion then is far  different from now, apart from the stylish feature that comes with hats,as a man when you wear them with confidence  you will find yourself appearing extra ordinarily classic to people around  you.

If you  don’t believe  this, watch out for the next fashionsta you will see wearing  a hat around you, then you will understand us better.

Nollywood’s Uti Nwachukwu rocking a hat [Source : Instagram]
2.It protects you against harsh evironmental conditions: referring back to the 40s, men didn’t  wear hats  then just because  it was very fashionable, or because everyone else was wearing  it, but they wore it primarily because it was functional, because it actually protected them against the rain, wind, among others.

In this present age hats can help protect  your  head from getting  burn by hot sun and also prevent your  face from sun burnt as well.  if you work in an organization with central  air conditioning,  hats can help keep you warm to a fair  extent.  So while you  slay as a fashionsta,you will still get protected  against harsh weather conditions when you have a hat on.

3. Hat gives you high esteem:

When you have a hat on as a man , it send some great signals to people around  you. One of which is the ‘Strength.’

Now let’s take a look at this, have  you ever wondered why military men,  police officers, and other  men in authority wear hats often times ? It’s mainly because of the signal of strength it sends to people around seeing them.One more thing is, some how wearing of cap adds to your  height.

Height is never a bad thing,many know this. Because most people  would like to look a little bit taller, so wearing a hat can help with that.

The above mentioned, are three major reasons you should  wear hats.

So after reading this and you’re convince  that you need a hat, here are the things you need to check before  buying any hat of your choice. 

1. The hat’s quality:  before  settling for  any hat check the material it is being made of properly. You have  to ensure that it’s of a very good quality  so you don’t end up buying  what you can only use for a very short time or rather a hat that will turn out a waste.

2. Shape of the hat:  be conscious of the shape of the hat you’re  looking  to buy. If you can try it on , it will be better because not every hat will suit your  head and look perfect on you. So you  must settle  for a  perfect  one to complement your outfits well.

3.  Size of the hat. Make sure the hat you choose fits you . Dont big a hat that is too big or too small for you. When you wear a hat that’s too big, it’s going to look bad on you and there’s nothing you can do about it. And when you wear a hat that’s too small, you will look funny.

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